8.200 Stuffed Ground Chicken in Shiitake Mushroom


24 (Mon) July 2017

Stuffed Ground Chicken in Shiitake Mushroom


at Gon Pachi

-Minato, Tokyo-

with TM

Mission to Japan, Day 2 (see previously 8.199 Sukiyaki).

In Tokyo and beyond.  Here to oversee various preparations in advance of the upcoming Third Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health in August.

First order of the day was to meet with administrators and inspect the facilities at Kashiwa City, where the participants will be taken on a field visit to see an integrated long-term care community.

During the field visit, lunch will be provided at this small vegetarian restaurant, which sources all of its produce from local farmers.  The produce is also sold at the adjacent market.   In fact, we’re presenting lunch as a component of the field visit to demonstrate multisectoral collaboration between the health, social welfare, agriculture, and land use sectors.

Japanese is one of few culinary traditions in which an all-veg meal seems … acceptable – Korean, Indian, Mediterranean, too.

The welcome dinner will be hosted at Tofuya Ukai, an historical restaurant specializing in traditional Japanese tofu cuisine.

For dinner tonight, Gon Pachi.  It was just okay – which, in Tokyo, means it was pretty bad.  The dominance of white customers was a dead giveaway.

TM, quite the epicure, originally had somewhere else in mind, but it was unexpectedly closed upon arrival, and I was too tired to go very far, and this place was right around the corner, so he took me there, reluctantly, very careful to explain that it was just for fun.  So, thanks to TM, I can say that I’ve been to the “Kill Bill Restaurant” – it’s the most, perhaps only, touristy thing that I’ve done Japan, ever.


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