8.201 (Part of) Kaiseki


25 (Tue) July 2017

(Part of) Kaiseki



with ES

This will be the meeting room in the National Diet.

Mission to Japan, Day 3 (see previously 8.200 Kaiseki).

In Tokyo and beyond.  Here to oversee various preparations in advance of the upcoming Third Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health in August.

The meal was a full-course kaiseki, which I won’t explain here without full photographic documentation – somehow, I lost the photos taken with my DSLR, though thankfully I have a few shots from my phone – if you can read Japanese, we had the bottom one.

For dinner, I met up with a former intern from my team.  While I have appreciated/respected/liked all my interns equally, as I love my children equally, I do have different favorite interns for different reasons, as I do with my children.  ES was one of my favorites for all the reasons – if I could convince her to drop medical school and join us, global health would see progress.



A rare midnight snack that didn’t involve a convenience store.

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