8.217 Roast Beef Sandwich


10 (Thu) August 2017

Roast Beef Sandwich


from Subway

in my office – WPRO

-Ermite, Manila, Manila, Philippines-


Another over-sauced sandwich (see also 8.180 Yum Burger).

I had asked my driver to get me the sandwich and didn’t instruct what to include/omit, so this is what I got – cucumbers and pickles, ick.

4 thoughts on “8.217 Roast Beef Sandwich

  1. Used to work at Subway. For the record, the standard amount of sauce we were instructed to apply was 3 swipes, unless told otherwise. So if you order more than one sauce…things got messy

    1. The order of the sandwich set up went: meat, cheese, veggies, then condiments. Bread is hinge-cut, and meat and cheese added to the top slice. Veggies were added to the bottom, and sauces then applied. I usually added sauces to the top (meat/cheese) because it made the sandwich easier to fold (some of those orders got ridiculously full). Pretty sure there were specific instructions for different condiments, ie: creamy ones applied to the meat side, vs more liquid ones like the vinegar based sub sauce on the veggies, but pretty sure no one paid attention to that, least of all in the middle of a lunch rush. I would have requests sometimes for condiments directly on the bread, but otherwise it always was applied last since it was at the end of the assembly line.

      1. As suspected, now confirmed, it is in fact SOP for the condiments not to go on the bread. I’m now wondering what rationale underlies this SOP, because it must’ve been a very carefully considered decision. Thanks for the inside scoop!

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