8.290 Pleurogrammus Aonus


22 (Sun) October 2017

Pleurogrammus Aonus


at Gui Gui

-Eulji, Jung, Seoul, Korea-

with YL

Mission to Korea + Fall Vacation, Day 1.

In Seoul.  Here, initially, to coordinate the Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting for National Ethics/Bioethics Committees (AP-NEC), which WHO is co-organizing in collaboration with the National Bioethics Committee of Korea (KNBC), from Tuesday to Wednesday.  Then, the rest of this week and all of the next on an extended holiday with the family.

This is the event that I had come to Korea for last month on a scoping/planning mission (see 8.59 Naeng Myeon).

Gui Gui is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in grilled/roasted fish (gui = grilled/roasted).    Located around the corner from the Hotel President.

I was joined for dinner by YL, a former intern at WHO, also a junior classmate from Yonsei, who is my counterpart on the KNBC side.


The food was good.  Exactly what I was hoping for: a light yet hearty Korean meal.


This fish is known in Korean as imyeonsu.  From personal experience, I appreciate that the restaurant went with the Linnaean taxonomic nomenclature to describe this fish on the menu, as I have myself struggled to find an appropriate name for it in simple English (see 2.263 Imyeonsu).

One of the many joys of writing GMTD is that I’ll write a post on something very obscure/esoteric, then – BAM! – 6 years later, it comes up again.

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