8.324 Ssam Bab


25 (Sat) November 2017

Ssam Bab


at Hana Restaurant

-Subic, Philippines-

with the Family

Dives 53-54.


Just a weekend getaway – first time for the family north of the city, second time for me (see most recently 6.325 DNH Annual Retreat).

While I was diving, the family spent the afternoon at the zoo.

For lunch, we discovered Hana, a nearby Korean restaurant.

We ordered the ssam bab set (see generally 3.273 Ssam Bap Jeongsik), which came with vegetable wraps, dip, stew, rice, and spicy pork belly.  Although nothing stood out, the meal was a whole was excellent.


Subic is the 29th city and newest addition to this list of places outside of Korea where I’ve eaten Korean food (see KOREAN ABROAD).

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