8.364 Bulalo


4 (Thu) January 2018



at Scandi Divers

-Big La Laguna, Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines-

with the Family

Dive Trip to PG, Day 1.

Dive 63.


This time with the whole family (see most recently 8.347 Tamarind Prawns).

This photo from the prior trip, which shows the use of baby corn instead of sweet corn, but otherwise the same.

Bulalo is a Filipino beef soup.  Consists of broth made with shank bones and marrow, plus aromatics (e.g, garlic, ginger) and vegetables (e.g., corn, bokchoy).  Very similar to Korean galbi tang, but perhaps a bit more interesting and fully rounded because of the vegetables.  Not sure what the marrow contributes, perhaps more depth of flavor, but the impact isn’t immediately apparent.


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