9.052 La Fondue Suississime


26 (Mon) February 2018

La Fondue Suississime

(with dried beef from Valais, pickles, potatoes, bread, and a glass of kirsch)


at Suississime

-Hôtel Edelweiss, Geneva-


Mission to HQ, Day 3 (see previously 9.051 Entrecôte Café de Paris).

In Geneva.  Here to attend an Inception Meeting on a Global Programme for Building Legal Capacity to Address Unhealthy Diet – Wednesday to Thursday.  Came in a couple days early, just to hang out in the city.

Even Japan doesn’t have cigarette vending machines indoors.

Suississime is a Swiss restaurant.  Specializes in cheese dishes, like fondue.  Alpine decor, lederhosen-clad musicians – perfect for tourists.

Despite this being my 8th visit to Switzerland, I kinda feel like a tourist this time.


Fondue is a Swiss cheese dish.  Melted cheese – typically Gruyère as a base, plus others according to taste – mixed with wine, sometimes other liqueurs, such as kirsch (cherry brandy), kept warm in an enamel pot (caquelon) heated from underneath by a spirit burner.  Pieces of bread are dipped into the mixture with a long fork and eaten. Regarded by many as the Swiss national dish.  (Other variations – e.g., meats dipped in hot oil, strawberries dipped in melted chocolate – were later invented in the United States.)

I’m assuming that the spread is meant to serve more than one.  But even if for four, it was still a lot of food.  Especially the potatoes.  And the bread.  And the pickles.  And the cheese.


Confirmed beyond doubt: fondue is not my thing.  First bite, okay.  Second bite, already wondering if I should order something else.  Too rich, too intense, too much.  And perhaps just this restaurant’s recipe, but the cheese dip had a strong anise-like flavor, perhaps from the kirsch, which kept coming back at me as I continued to belch the rest of the evening.

Somehow, I did manage to get through the pot, for which I was rewarded with la religieuse, the crusty cheese at the bottom.

Still, I enjoyed the experience, even if not the food in its entirety.


Around the corner from the station, I discovered an excellent wine shop that also carries a wide range of single malt whiskies from various regions.

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