9.053 Marmite du Pêcher


27 (Tue) February 2018

Marmite du Pêcher


at Café du Centre

-Place du Molard, Geneva-


Mission to HQ, Day 4 (see previously 9.052 La Fondue Suississime).

In Geneva.  Here to attend an Inception Meeting on a Global Programme for Building Legal Capacity to Address Unhealthy Diet – Wednesday to Thursday.  Came in a couple days early, just to hang out in the city.



Café du Centre is a Swiss restaurant.  Founded in 1933 – landmark institution.  Reflecting its historical location in what was the city’s central port and fish market up through the 19th century – molard = pier – the menu is exclusively sea food.

Been wanting to try this place since my very first visit to Geneva.


The food was awesome across the board.  Perfectly fresh.  Perfectly cooked.  Perfectly seasoned.  I may have found my favorite restaurant in Geneva.

(Conveniently, it’s located just 270 m from the Prada store.)

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