9.051 Entrecôte Café de Paris


25 (Sun) February 2018

Entrecôte Café de Paris


at Café de Paris

-Gare Cornavin, Geneva-


Mission to HQ, Day 2 (see previously 9.050 Grilled Seafood Selections).

In Geneva.  Here to attend an Inception Meeting on a Global Programme for Building Legal Capacity to Address Unhealthy Diet – Wednesday to Thursday.  Came in a couple days early, just to hang out in the city.

What I didn’t realize is that the city completely shuts down on Sundays, so today was a wash.

Cafê de Paris is a Swiss restaurant.  Founded 1930 in Geneva – landmark institution.  Offers one single dish: the eponymous Entrecôte Café de Paris.  Every city in the world – except maybe Paris – would seem to have a restaurant of the same name, but apparently no official ties to the one in Geneva.

When I first sat down, there was some confusion because I asked for the menu (“la carte”).  They don’t have one.  The only thing to discuss with the server is the doneness of the steak.


Entrecôte Café de Paris is a Swiss steak dish.  Consists of a grilled sirloin (“entrecôte” technically refers to what Americans would consider to be ribeye, but the term is used in many places to describe the sirloin) in Café de Paris sauce.


It was okay.  Beef was tasty but a tad dry.  Butter sauce was too heavy for me.  Maybe better for dinner with wine.  But I did enjoy the experience overall.

I now see what that place in BGC is trying to emulate (see 7.349 L’Entrecôte Double).

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