9.054 Mana à la Manor


28 (Wed) February 2018

Mana à la Manor


from Manor

in my hotel room

-Hotel Bernina, Geneva-


Mission to HQ, Day 5 (see previously 9.053 Marmite du Pêcher).

In Geneva.  Here to attend an Inception Meeting on a Global Programme for Building Legal Capacity to Address Unhealthy Diet – Wednesday to Thursday.

After several blissful days of bumhood, I got back to productive citizenship today – which was exhausting by day’s end.  So I opted to say in for a quiet dinner.  Ordinarily, I would’ve ordered room service, but my hotel isn’t that kind of establishment.

Located a couple blocks down the street.

A random assortment of ready-to-go items from a supermarket in Geneva – especially this supermarket chain (see also 6.310 Mana à la Manor) – makes for an excellent meal.

Different in character yet comparable in Japan (see for example 7.267 Chutoro Sashimi).

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