9.063 Chinese-Style Fried Chicken Lauriat


9 (Fri) March 2018

Chinese-Style Fried Chicken Lauriat


from Chowking

in my office


-Ermita, Manila, Manila, Philippines-


According to Esquire Philippines (see “A Beginner’s Guide to the Chinese Lauriat”), the term “lauriat” derives from the Chinese “lao diat,” which refers to a meal served on a special occasion.  I’ve never seen the term outside of Chowking (see 5.236 Chinese-Style Fried Chicken 1-Piece Meal).

At Chowking, the so-called lauriat includes (1) fried chicken + (2) fried rice + (3) fried noodles + (4) fried crackers + (5) fried mochi – proves my point yesterday about the Pinoy penchant for deep-frying (see 9.062 Still, Crap).  The chicken was edible.  The rest wasn’t. What a special occasion.

I should tag this as a Filipino meal but will go with Chinese, because I’m pretty sure that a Filipino would never consider this Filipino, even though it really is.

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