9.062 Crap, As Ever


8 (Thu) March 2018

Crap, As Ever


in my office


-Ermita, Manila, Manila, Philippines-


As previously noted, guests attending functions at WHO WPRO tend to be subjected to very unhealthy refreshments, both foods (see 6.224 NCD Risk Factors; 8.186 Mini Tacos and Other Deep-Fried Crap) and beverages (see 7.260 SSB) – again, the fundamental problem is that the local culinary tradition in the Philippines relies heavily on sugar, fat, and salt, especially when deep-fried.

We’re still serving the exact same crap – seafood gambas and chicken croquettes, both deep-fried – as we were 3 years ago (see 6.287 Seafood Gambas).

Shame on me for eating it – but I do love fat and salt, especially when deep-fried.

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