9.078 Bolognese Tagliatelle


24 (Sat) March 2018

Bolognese Tagliatelle


at Va Bene Pasta Deli

(Bonifacio High Street – Central Square)

-BGC, Taguig, Manila, Philippines –

with the Boys

Located on the same floor as Bonifacio High Street Cinema – great for a meal before or after a movie – tonight, we watched the dumbest movie that I have ever had to endure in a movie theater: “Sherlock Gnomes,” which IZ claims to have enjoyed.

Va Bene Pasta Deli is an Italian restaurant.  Specializes in hand-made pasta.


The food was great across the board.  Any one of the dishes would’ve been a fine representative for tonight’s post.

In particular, the tagliatelle was amazing.  Upon first bite, my initial reaction: “Ah, this is how pasta should taste” – perfectly toothsome, chewy, succulent, nutty.  The sauce was perfectly balanced, rich and meaty.  Possibly the best pasta dish with meat sauce that I have ever experienced.

Bruschetta (2.5) – complimentary!
Arugula Salad with Chicken Parmesan (3.0)
Prawns Cappellacci (3.0): ravioli, prawns bisque sauce.
Organic Eggs Tagliatelle (3.5): portobello mushrooms, white wine, cream sauce, truffle oil.
Beef Tagliata (3.0)

Best Steaks in Manila:

  1. Samba (8.120 Chuletón de Res) (4.0)
  2. Mamou (8.041 Angus Ribeye USDA Prime Grade Steak (Twin)) (3.5)
  3. My Kitchen by Chef Chris (5.044 Grilled Angus Flank Steak) (3.5)
  4. Mamou (7.203 28-Day Dry-Aged USDA Prime Grade T-Bone Steak) (3.25)
  5. Salvatore Cuomo & Bar (8.269 Pizza Salsiccia e Funghi) (Bistecca Fiorentina) (3.0)
  6. 210° Kitchen + Drinkery (8.342 The Egg) (Beef Ribeye) (3.0)
  7. Va Bena Pasta Deli (9.078 Bolognese Tagliatelle) (Beef Tagliata) (3.0)
  8. Chops Chicago Steakhouse (5.357 Chicago Cowboy Steak) (3.0)
  9. Casa Armas (6.274 Filet Minon) (3.0)
  10. Cirkulo (6.343 Bistecca di Manzo à la Toscana) (2.5)
  11. The Fireplace (5.331 Certified Angus Beef Rib-Eye Steak) (2.5)
  12. Mr Rockefeller (5.133 USDA Prime Ribeye Steak) (2.5)
  13. Steakhouse (5.188 Ribeye Steak) (2.5)
  14. Pacific Lounge – The Pan-Pacific Manila (6.059 New York Strip Steak) (2.5)
  15. L’Entrecôte (7.349 L’Entrecôte Double) (2.0)
  16. Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar (8.085 Darling Downs Wagyu MS 5+ Grass-Raised, Grain-Finished Ribeye Steak) (2.0)

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