9.105 Imported Fresh Scallops with Asparagus


20 (Fri) April 2018

Imported Fresh Scallops with Asparagus


at Szechuan House

(Aloha Hotel)

-Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with KD, PC

Szechuan House is a Chinese restaurant.

Located on the service road parallel to Roxas Boulevard – the main street along Manila Bay from the airport to the neighborhood where WHO is – I’ve passed by the place for years, always been curious, just never got around to checking it out.
Digging the old-school vibe.
Digging the get-down-to-business menu.

The food was okay.  Not enough to make an effort for a repeat visit, but I wouldn’t object if invited back.

Jellyfish Salad (2.5)
Chicken with Sticky Rice in Bamboo (2.5)

Interesting how different the spread can turn out when dining with others – clearly, the scallop dish is something I would ordinarily order, but not the jellyfish or stick rice.

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