9.161 Pasta Pomodoro e Stracciatella


15 (Fri) June 2018

Pasta Pomodoro e Stracciatella


at Mamou

(Serendra Piazza)

-BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with KF and BB

Stracciatella is an Italian soft cheese, made with buffalo milk.  (Not sure how it’s different from mozzarella, if at all.)

The stracciatella was amazing on the pasta, providing a delicate creaminess without overpowering the otherwise simple dish.

Recently introduced as a time-limited special, it could give serious competition to the other pastas that we struggle to decide on at this restaurant, including the bolognese (IZ’s favorite), the vongole (DJ’s favorite), and the truffle cream (W’s favorite).

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