9.181 Mapa Tofu


5 (Thu) July 2018

Mapa Tofu (WHAT)


from Golden Fortune (WHERE)

in my office

-WPRO, Manila-


In preparation for the upcoming Fourth Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health, which will feature a field visit to the Province of Bataan, we spent the day in Bataan to scope out potential venues.  We also took the opportunity to sample the proposed lunch menu.


A boodle fight is a means of feeding large groups of people (e.g., soldiers, students) in quick order. The food – rice with various meats and vegetables, plus condiments – is laid out in piles on banana leaves.  People – typically standing, typically lined up sideways to the food, just one hand to reach in, so as to maximize the mouths to feed – dig in with their hands once the signal is given, at that point a “fight” to the finish.  No plates, no cutlery, no seats – super efficient.  Similar boodle arrangements are common in other settings, without the combative element (see for example 8.024 Mt Apo).

For one unaccustomed to eating with his hands, it was sorta interesting at first then quickly got kinda gross when the grease and gunk began building up.  And the smell of shrimp, both the fresh shrimp and the shrimp paste, did not go away for the rest of the day, despite numerous attempts with hot water, and soap, and lemon juice, and hand-sanitizer, and bleach.

Recommend to go with the boodle fight but utensils and napkins are essential from the start.  Ditch the fresh shrimp, keep the shrimp paste.

Need to figure out an elegant solution to the drinks – both so as to avoid serving a sugar-sweetened beverage (e.g., soda, iced-tea, fruit drink), and to avoid the singe-use plastics.

Upon our return to Manila, I went back to the office to work late.

Second night in a row eating Chinese takeout from the same place.

For dinner, as last year, a good luck meal from Golden Fortune.

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