9.184 Grilled Reef Fish


8 (Sun) July 2018

Grilled Reef Fish


aboard MV Adora


with DV and friends


Summer Solo Vacation in the Maldives, Day 2.

In Male.  Here for my first liveaboard experience: diving from, eating on, and sleeping in – i.e., living aboard – a boat that takes me from site to site.  I join a group assembled by my dive teacher DV, comprising his students and friends.  For 7 days, we’ll be sailing through and diving amidst the central and northern atolls of the Maldives.

Every meal, prepared fresh on board.



Dinner was excellent.  Lean proteins: heaps of roast chicken quarters, huge slabs of grilled fish (tuna?).  Simply prepared carbs: roast potatoes, steamed rice, spaghetti with tomato sauce.  Hoping it’s like this every night.

The common area, for meals, briefings, down-time.

As a diver, I am notorious for my lack of interest in sea life.  But here in the Maldives, the diversity of big sea life cannot be ignored: on every dive, we see something rare, majestic, huge.

Dive 90.

On our very first dive: a manta ray, perhaps 6 meters wide, gliding through the water, as if in slow motion – felt like a dream sequence.

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