9.189 Mas Huni


13 (Fri) July 2018

Mas Huni


aboard MV Adora


with DV and friends


Summer Solo Vacation in the Maldives, Day 7.

In Male.  Here for my first liveaboard experience: diving from, eating on, and sleeping in – i.e., living aboard – a boat that takes divers from site to site.  I join a group assembled by my dive teacher DV, comprising his students and friends.  For 7 days, we’ll be sailing through and diving amidst the central and northern atolls of the Maldives.



Mas huni is a Maldivian fish dish.  Minced tuna with chopped onions and chilis, ground coconut, lemon juice, salt.  Rolled in roti.  Typically served as breakfast.

Here, it was made for us as a special lunch.


Sublime.  The coconut, not tasting much like coconut per se, provided a subtle nuttiness on the bottom end, while the onions, chilies, and lemon juice kept it light and bright on top.  Succulent, even without any additional oils/fats.  Perfectly carried in the warm, buttery, chewy roti.  I can’t recall the last time that I’ve experienced a dish so revelatory.


Dives 102-104.

My favorite: stingrays.  I’m debating where to put the tattoo.

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