9.335 Legendary Meat on Dough


6 (Thu) December 2018

Legendary Meat on Dough (WHAT)


at Al Falamanki Raouché (WHERE)

-Raouché, Beirut-


Pigeons Rock (Rock of Raouché) – just a couple blocks from the hotel.

Mission to Lebanon, Day 5 (see previously 9.334 Pan-Fried Red Mullet) – personal deviation.

In Beirut.  Deployed to attend a Meeting of the Regional Parliamentary Working Group on Universal Health Coverage in the Eastern Mediterranean Region – Monday to Tuesday.  Now just hanging out for a couple extra days – who knows if ever I’ll be back in Lebanon?



Almaza: a nicely crisp Lebanese lager.

“Legendary Meat on Dough” – had to order it, by virtue of the name alone, perhaps the greatest name of a restaurant dish in the history of GMTD.

Turned out to be minced lamb with onion and tomato on a round flatbread.  Pretty good.  Great with beer.

Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock Museum: a museum of contemporary art.


I had scheduled an extended stay in Beirut in hopes of diving.  However, following yesterday’s debacle, also due to the inclement weather, I found myself grounded in the city.  That gave me a rare opportunity to engage in some sight-seeing, which I usually don’t get to do on duty travels.

National Museum of Beirut

What’s immediately apparent in Lebanon is the weight of history: every city, every monument, every artefact claiming to be the oldest this, the first that – not just in this country, but in the world – dating back thousands, even tens of thousands, of years.  Awesome.

Meanwhile, I needed a break from the enormity of it all, so I stopped by Burger King – though quite a magnificent branch at that – for lunch.   Nice to eat a Whopper while looking out at the Mediterranean Sea.

Also found a local supermarket to buy a few items to get me started in cooking the cuisine of the Bilad al-Sham (more on this later…).

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