9.336 Sea Bass en Papillote

Cycle 9 – Item 336

7 (Fri) December 2018

Sea Bass en Papillote


aboard Turkish Airlines – TK 827

-Beirut to Istanbul to Manila-


With a lot of time to kill before my evening flight, I found a tattoo shop in the city.  When I asked the shopkeeper’s daughter – a girl of around 10 – to translate it into English, she struggled a bit, then offered “Ummmm … ‘good body?'” – close enough, kid.

Mission to Lebanon + Personal Deviation, Day 7 of 7 

In transit, en route to Manila.  Completed the mission to attend the Meeting of the Regional Parliamentary Working Group on Universal Health Coverage in the Eastern Mediterranean Region – Monday to Tuesday.  After hanging out for a couple extra days, I’m on my way back home.

In the duty free store at the airport…
…the most amazing selection of roasted nuts and dried fruits…
…including pomelo rinds!

Lebanon was awesome, though I barely saw any of it.  Would love to come back for a proper visit to dig deeper into the country’s history and culture, especially the food.

But so glad to be going home.

Lebanese Air Transit (LAT) Lounge



As always, I am grateful for and respectful of the opportunity to travel internationally, whether for fun or for work, especially via business class (see BEST IN FLIGHT), including airport lounge access (see in BEST IN LOUNGE), even if certain comments made on GMTD about airlines or airports, about food or service or facilities, may suggest otherwise.

The Sea Bass en Papillote was excellent.  Juicy fish – making me wonder whether it was indeed cooked in the paper (en papillote) and reheated as is, rather than just wrapped in the paper after the fact, which is what the cynic otherwise would’ve suspected – delicately seasoned, pairing nicely with the shredded carrot-onion-peppers on top and the potato on the bottom.  Fortunately, the dish was offered Beirut to Istanbul and again Istanbul to Manila – can’t recall if that’s ever happened to me before.



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