9.350 Fish Tacos


21 (Fri) December 2018

Fish Tacos


at El Cholo

-Los Angeles, California, USA-

with the Family

Winter Vacation in the USA, Day 3.

We’re spending our holidays in the States – first time for the boys – including Los Angeles and Orange County, Las Vegas, and Grand Canyon – the farthest (distance), longest (duration), and most complicated (itinerary) trip that we’ve ever taken.


Everyone was up before dawn, starving because they hadn’t eaten dinner the night before.  Fortunately, Koreatown has no shortage of 24-hr restaurants (see KOREAN ABROAD).

A hearty Korean beef soup, like seolleong tang (or “shul lung tang”), is just the thing to revitalize the soul and body after a long journey.



When I was living in LA during grad school, Kaju Market was my go-to establishment for Korean food products.  At the time, it was well-stocked but kinda ghetto, as with most such immigrant grocery stores.

Since then, gentrification.


El Cholo is a Mexican restaurant.  Established 1923.  Currently 6 locations in Southern California.  According to the website, the restaurant seems to claim the invention of nachos.


We were all underwhelmed by the food.  The fish tacos were disappointing, soggy and bland.  Everything seemed to lack a bit of something, whether in texture or flavor or both.  Nowhere near as good as I remembered.

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