9.353 Chosun Galbee


24 (Mon) December 2018

Chosun Galbee


at Chosun Korean BBQ

-Los Angeles, California, USA-

with the Family

Winter Vacation in the USA, Day 6.

We’re spending our holiday in the States – first time for the boys – including Los Angeles and Orange County, Las Vegas, and Grand Canyon – the farthest (distance), longest (duration), and most complicated (itinerary) trip that we’ve ever taken.

After a few days at Disneyland, we’re back in LA for a breather before going to Vegas.


As a law student at USC, I lived in Koreatown.

My go-to restaurant for Korean BBQ was Chosun Korean BBQ (see KOREAN ABROAD).

Since then, the establishment has been dramatically renovated, at least as far as decor is concerned.


I don’t know how these prices compare to other restaurants in the neighborhood nowadays, but I wouldn’t have been able to afford eating here if the food had been so expensive back then – $35 for sam gyup sal (pork belly)?!

However, the fancier decor and higher prices don’t seem to have had much if any of a positive influence on the food, which was as competently unremarkable as ever.

The galbee (yangnyeom galbi) was a tad chewy with a slightly odd aftertaste, as if marinated in a bottled product containing too many additives.

Still, it was just the thing for a mid-trip rejuvenator.

Incidentally, this kind of mul naeng myeon
… is nothing like the mul naeng myeon that I often write about.

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