9.352 Roasted Chicken


23 (Sun) December 2018

Roasted Chicken


at Medieval Times

-Buena Park, California, USA-

with the Family

Winter Vacation in the USA, Day 5.

We’re spending our holiday in the States – first time for the boys – including Los Angeles and Orange County, Las Vegas, and Grand Canyon – the farthest (distance), longest (duration), and most complicated (itinerary) trip that we’ve ever taken.


Medieval Times is a dinner theater.  The venues are supposedly built as replicas of 11th Century castles (was the 11th Century famous for castles?).  Guests are seated in different color-coded sections of the arena, each matching a knight of the same color.  During the course of the show, the knights battle each other by jousting, swordplay, and hand-to-hand combat until one of them emerges victorious.  Everyone is encouraged to scream.

During the show, the food is served by “serving wenches” (are we still allowed to say that?).  The bill of fare includes tomato bisque, toasted garlic bread, roasted chicken, sweet-buttered corn, herb-basted potato, and pastry of the castle – I’ll categorize the meal as English.  No cutlery – because 11th Century theater patrons didn’t use spoons for their tomato bisque.

The company was found in 1983 in Florida.  Currently 10 locations, 9 in the States, 1 in Canada.


It was fun – until our Blue Knight got killed, which then kinda ruined the rest of the show for everyone in the blue section.




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