10.020 Cauliflower in Italian Dressing


25 (Fri) January 2019

Cauliflower in Italian Dressing


by me

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-

with W and the Boyz

Cut the cauliflower into bite-sized pieces, parboil in generously salted water (same water for the pasta), drain and cool, toss in bottled “Italian” dressing.  So simple.  So delectable.  The boys finished the plate, with their hands, before the main dish was served – “OMG, I looooooove cauliflower!”

I’ve said it before on the blog, multiple times (though I can’t recall exactly when, how many times), but again I must take pride in raising my boys to appreciate vegetables as one of my, if not the, greatest achievements as a cooking father.

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