10.034 SRF Wagyu Flatiron


8 (Fri) February 2019


SRF Wagyu Flatiron

at Blackbird


with KD and M

The food was amazing.  Every dish, from appetizer to the dessert – and I don’t even like dessert – perfectly conceived, perfectly executed.  Can’t recall the last time that I was so thoroughly impressed by a restaurant.

The steak was the highlight, among equal highlights.  Precisely grilled to an underdone medium rare, a touch of char on the crust, pornographically tender, delicately seasoned, enhanced by the red wine jus, enriched by the cauliflower puree, enlivened by the al dente zucchini and edamame.  I could’ve had at least 3 more portions.

I’ll review the restaurant and the food in more detail in a future post – tonight, not really expecting much, I didn’t take many photos.


First time meeting KD’s partner, M, so I was happy to treat them to a special dinner.  Never been to Blackbird myself, which I’ve heard about ad nauseam over the years, so it was a a treat for me too.

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  1. One day can you do a comparison of flatiron/skirt/flank steaks? I just bought some skirt steak, pretty expensive at whole foods, which i found to be tough. I’m pretty sure i grilled it fine.

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