10.035 Jjol-Bi-Mul Myeon


9 (Sat) February 2019

Jjol-Bi-Mul Myeon


by me

at home

-One Serendra, BGC-

with W and the Boyz

A new creation of mine that falls firmly in the Korean tradition of cold noodles mixed with a spicy/tangy sauce and topped with fresh veg (see generally 7.299 Double MNM8.007 Paldo Bibim Myeon4.059 Jjol Myeon10.017 Jaengban Memil Guksu7.130 Makguksu, 7.304 Kimchi Rice Noodles, 8.203 Busan Milmyeon, 3.608 Kimchi Mari Guksu).

With jjol myeon noodles, bibim myeon sauce, and mul naeng myeon broth – hence the name of the new dish.

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