10.044 Pan-Fried Prawns in Garlic-Butter Sauce


18 (Mon) February 2019

Pan-Fried Prawns in Garlic-Butter Sauce


at Waterfall Bar & Restaurant

-Suva Motor Inn, Suva-


Mission to Fiji, Day 3.

In Suva.  Attending a series of planning sessions – Monday to Thursday – in preparation for the Fifth Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health, which will be held in Fiji in August 2019.  This is the second such mission in advance of the Fifth Meeting (see previously 9.286 Kokonda with Grilled Prawns).

The food was as good as I could’ve hoped for.

Island Steak (1.75): figured it would be exactly like this – cheap cut of beef, poorly cooked, awkwardly seasoned – and yet I was craving meat.

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