10.043 Prawn Curry


17 (Sun) February 2019

Prawn Curry


at Yellow Chilli


with KD et al.

Mission to Fiji, Day 2.

In Suva.  Attending a series of planning sessions – Monday to Thursday – in preparation for the Fifth Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health, which will be held in Fiji in August 2019.  This is the second such mission in advance of the Fifth Meeting (see previously 9.286 Kokonda with Grilled Prawns).


By good chance, dive buddy KD happens to be stationed in Suva at the moment, and dive buddy LB was on the same flight coming in for a separate mission.

We had dinner together.  Good times.


The food was good – Indian cuisine being one of the best ethnic options in Fiji.

Reconfirming my prior generalization about Indian food (7.312 Nalli Roganjosh):

It’s mostly thickish/creamyish curry gravies, orangish in color (or intensely green, if spinach-based), with softish beans/lentils/cauliflower/potatoes/tomatoes/carrots/cheese, hints of heat, accompanied by fluffy rice and/or charred flatbreads.

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