10.046 Salt & Pepper Tofu


20 (Wed) February 2019

Salt & Pepper Tofu


at Shanghai Seafood House

-De Vos on the Park, Suva-

with KD, LB, SK et al.

Mission to Fiji, Day 5.

In Suva.  Attending a series of planning sessions – Monday to Thursday – in preparation for the Fifth Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health, which will be held in Fiji in August 2019.  This is the second such mission in advance of the Fifth Meeting (see previously 9.286 Kokonda with Grilled Prawns).

The primary objective of this mission was to support a high-level meeting between our new Regional Director and their newly elected Speaker, confirming the on-going partnership between WHO and the Parliament of Fiji, including collaboration to convene the Fifth Meeting of the Forum.

Chicken with Mushrooms (2.5)

Confirming my prior experience (see previously 9.285 Seafood & Tofu in Claypot) that this restaurant is competent yet unremarkable.

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