10.069 Original Handmade Tofu


15 (Fri) March 2019

Original Handmade Tofu


at Suginoko

-Edo Market, Haneda Airport-

with TM

Mission to Japan, Day 6.

In Wakoshi.  Here to co-coordinate the 6th Regional Workshop on Leadership and Advocacy for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases (LeAd-NCD), which will focus on strengthening legal frameworks – Tuesday to Friday – bringing together staff from both ministries of health and parliaments – an off-shoot of the ever-expanding Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health.  Previously, I had helped to organize the 4th LeAd-NCD in 2016, which was focused on childhood obesity, including legal measures to restrict marketing to children (see most recently 7.269 Grilled Shiitake).


My dear friend TM, who had joined me for dinner to welcome me upon arrival, joined me again for dinner to see me off upon departure.  By coincidence, he was returning to Tokyo thru Haneda at the same time that I was leaving.

And oh my good fortune, Haneda Airport has an entire floor – before the security check point – dedicated to food and beverage – Edo Market – izakaya, ramen shops, sushi bars, bars, cafés – at least 30 establishments by my count.  All of them packed on this Friday night, including many patrons properly sloshed, presumably some soon to be passengers.


Although the photo doesn’t convey proper scale, this highball = 1 liter (standard mug = 500 ml).

Always trying to expand my horizons, he ordered sashimi with pickled squid guts.

The tofu was exquisite.  At once silky and delicate, yet creamy and umami.  No sauce needed.


After an otherwise fine and filling meal, TM insisted that we go to his favorite place in the airport: Setegaya – a ramen shop.


It was okay.  Because I trust TM implicitly where Japanese food is concerned, I have to assume that the ramen was an excellent specimen, but I didn’t quite … get it.


Earlier that day for lunch, I had ramen at Kibouken – a famous ramen shop in the city.

It was okay.

Appreciation for ramen continues to elude me.  I feel compelled to do something about it.

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