10.151 Roast Chicken + Beef Sinigang + Steamed Rice


5 (Wed) June 2019

Roast Chicken + Beef Sinigang + Steamed Rice


in the cafeteria

-WPRO, Ermita-


This week, GMTD provides a daily look at the lunch offerings in our cafeteria.


My favorite single item in the cafeteria, whether as part of a whole meal or just as a snack, is roast chicken.  On days when it’s available, cafeteria staff know that I can’t resist: “How many pieces of roast chicken, Dr Hahm?” For the time that I’ve seen in over 5 years, they added minced deep-fried spinach as a kind of garnish, which added no value to the dish.

I also like the sinigang in the cafeteria, especially when it’s with beef, which makes for a cleaner flavor profile (e.g., compared to pork).  And if I don’t feel like having all the meat and vegetables, they will give just broth, for free.

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