10.152 Corned Beef + Fried Egg + Garlic Rice


6 (Thu) June 2019

Corned Beef + Fried + Garlic Rice


in the cafeteria

-WPRO, Ermita-


This week, GMTD provides a daily look at the lunch offerings in our cafeteria – today, breakfast.



The breakfast options tend to be rather bleak, both in terms of taste and nutrition.  Even by the cafeteria’s own standards, 2 of 7 offerings are not recommended, 5 are suggested to be eaten less – utterly absurd that fried hotdogs and corned beef hash are labelled yellow, rather than red – and not a single go eat more item.

I have to admit that I’ve come to reembrace corned beef hash – the kind that comes in a can – which we used to eat when I was a kid growing up in California, but did not encounter for thirty years afterwards, until I got to the Philippines.

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