10.165 Mixed Grill with Special Sauce


19 (Wed) June 2019

Mixed Grill with Special Sauce


at Arya

-Robinsons Place, Manila-

with KD, DK, MK, PC, CY

Apparently, the Mixed Grill Platter includes a tiny bit of every meat item that the restaurant has to offer: lamb chop, lamb cubes, lamb meatballs, beef cubes, beef meatballs, chicken cubes, fish cubes, fish steak, shrimp.  Although big in total, it’s difficult to characterize as a “sharing” platter, because the portion of each item is barely enough for one person.


I like raw tomatoes.  I like tomatoes as a sauce base.  But I detest roasted/grilled tomatoes – I hate the plasticky skin, the mushy flesh, I hate the blandly sweet, enhanced sourish flavor.

But the manager of this restaurant – at the behest of CP, who had seen him do it for other customers at a prior visit – has figured out a way to make a “special sauce” out of those blackened tomatoes that always come with such mixed grill: mash them up and add the hot sauce and garlic sauce for a goopy, spicy, creamy dip that goes perfectly with all those meats, as well as bread.  I will definitely be trying this myself.

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