10.167 Pan-Seared/Air-Fried Strip Steak


21 (Fri) June 2019

Pan-Seared/Air-Fried Strip Steak


by me

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati-


With W and the Boyz in Korea for the summer, I’m blissfully alone.  Free to eat what I want, when I want, as much as I want.

Though I tend to avoid Australian beef (as flavorless), wagyu beef (as overpriced), and beef sold in the Philippines (as unsafe), I couldn’t resist buying a whole slab of Australian wagyu strip loin that I came across at Rustan’s this evening.  I realize how illogical that may seem, buying something that I’d ordinarily avoid because there’s more of it.  But the main draw was the opportunity to cut steaks to my own preferred thickness (1.5 inch / 4 cm), allowing me to develop a proper texture (crust + medium rare), even if the meat didn’t taste all that great.  The bulk price wasn’t so bad (PHP 2,599/kg = KRW 6,000/100g = USD 23/lb = approximately USD 23 / KRW 26,000 / PHP 1,170 per steak, each about 450 grams / 1 lb (16 oz)).  And it came sealed from the source, so less risk of contamination.

In my experience, the fat cap on any given piece of beef is typically trimmed in Korea and in the States, but not in the Philippines.  Here, I’m wondering if Australians themselves like the fat, or it’s cut that way for export to the Philippine market.

Spur of the moment, I started the cook on the fat cap, which rendered the fat to facilitate the sear on the rest of the steak, without the need to add other fats to the pan (e.g., olive oil or butter).

I also found a good use for the air-fryer as a quick/efficient way of bringing the meat to a proper doneness after the initial pan-sear.  Experimenting at 160C for 10 minutes, the steak came out a tad overcooked to medium/medium-well, but the idea worked in principle.


I’ve decided that sambal olek is too pungent for steak.

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