10.170 Brik


24 (Mon) June 2019



at Walima

-Sheraton Tunis Hotel-

with colleagues

8th from the left.

Mission to Tunisia, Day 3 of 6.

In Tunis.  Attending the First Meeting of the Regional Parliamentary Forum for Health and Well-Being in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, 24 (Mon) to 26 (Wed) August – the official launch of the forum that our office had helped set up last year (see generally 9.332 Kibbeh Nayeh).  Very gratifying and exciting that parliamentarian engagement is spreading across the Organization, with the Western Pacific Region leading the way.

The magnificent main chamber.
The exquisite inner chamber.
The un-air-conditioned auditorium – a Tunisian colleague said to me, “This is hot, even for us.”

Day One of the meeting was held at Parliament.



Afterwards, the participants were given a private tour of the National Bardo Museum, located within the Parliament compound.


For dinner, back at the hotel – Walima, a Tunisian restaurant.

Brik is a Tunisian dumpling of sorts.  Savory filling – often egg and tuna, though other seafood or ground meat is also common – wrapped in a thin pastry and deep-fried.  As described on the Walima menu: “From Berber origin, the brick leaf with its crisp and golden envelope has found a place of choice in the culinary universe….”


It was good.  Nice contrast of delicately crispy on the outside to soft within.  Can’t recall if I’ve ever had eggs and (canned) tuna together, and yet they made for a comfortingly familiar combination.  Ideal as an appetizer with beer.

Couscous with Lamb (2.5) – essentially the same dish as last night, only with lamb; this confirms that I do not like lamb shank.

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