10.169 Couscous with Grouper


23 (Sun) June 2019

Couscous with Grouper


at Sheraton Tunis Hotel (room service)




Mission to Tunisia, Day 2 of 6.

In Tunis.  Attending the First Meeting of the Regional Parliamentary Forum for Health and Well-Being in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, 24 (Mon) to 26 (Wed) August – the official launch of the forum that our office had helped set up last year (see generally 9.332 Kibbeh Nayeh).  Very gratifying and exciting that parliamentarian engagement is spreading across the Organization, with the Western Pacific Region leading the way.


Very cool to enjoy couscous – the staple food of the Maghreb, a region in North Africa that comprises the modern-day countries of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and Mauritania – at the source.

Tastes the same but the volume far exceeds what I would’ve imagined reasonably possible.


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