10.186 Chicken in Black Bean Sauce


10 (Wed) July 2019

Chicken in Black Bean Sauce

(with steamed rice)


from Chef’s Kitchen

in my room – Ratsun Hotel

-Nadi, Fiji-


Mission to Fiji, Day 2 of 8.

In Fiji to conduct a series of planning meetings and ocular inspections – Wednesday to Friday in and around Nadi, Monday and Tuesday in Suva – in preparation for the Fifth Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health, which will be held in Fiji in August 2019 and highlight the role of parliamentarians in addressing the health impacts of climate change.  This is the fourth such mission in advance of the Fifth Meeting (see previously 10.118 Awhi Farms…).

Chef’s Kitchen is a Chinese/Indian restaurant – as are most quick-fix joints in Fiji.  Located a few doors down from my hotel.

The food was pretty crappy, but kinda good in the that cheap, old-school Chinese way – so much MSG that my tongue was tingling for the rest of the night.

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