10.221 Bibimbap


14 (Wed) August 2019



from Blue Sky

at FNFP Centre

-Suva, Fiji-


Mission to Fiji, Day 5.

In Suva.  Here for the Fifth Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health – first to finalize preparations, then to facilitate the event itself, which will begin 6 days from now.  This will be the fifth and final trip to Fiji in relation to the meeting (see previously 10.192 Rourou Moci).

Coincidentally, the WHO Director General is in Fiji this week.

The FNPF (Fiji National Provident Fund) Centre, which includes a food court, is adjacent to the building where the WHO office is located in Suva.


Blue Sky is a Korean food stall.  Located in the FNPF Centre food court.

Over the course of 5 missions to Fiji since October of last year, I’ve eaten in the food court 9 times, 7 times at Blue Sky, 5 times bibimbap.


If I were to stay in Suva for an extended time, I would go for TEIBS (Try Every Item at Blue Sky).


The precooked items are not at all Korean, more Chinese-ish.

The food at Blue Sky isn’t that great, but it’s acceptable for a casual lunch.

I appreciate the bibimbap for the fresh vegetables, which are generally hard to come by when eating out in Fiji.


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