10.220 Grilled Lobster


13 (Tue) August 2019

Grilled Lobster


at Tiko’s Floating Restaurant

(see most recently 10.192 Rourou Moci)

-Suva, Fiji-


Mission to Fiji, Day 4.

In Suva.  Here for the Fifth Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentarian Forum on Global Health – first to finalize preparations, then to facilitate the event itself, which will begin 7 days from now.  This will be the fifth and final trip to Fiji in relation to the meeting (see previously 10.192 Rourou Moci).

As noted in the first post on Tiko’s: “A better photographer would’ve taken a shot from a side angle to show more of the boat itself.”
Hopefully, I’ve become a better photographer with five more years of experience.

With great fondness, I recall having dinner at this restaurant on the final night of my first visit to Suva (see generally 5.179 Mama Kokoda with Deep-Fried Taro Root).  On the final night of what likely may be my final visit to Suva, I am happy to end it here.

Looking back at the photos of that first visit, I seem to have chosen the exact same table tonight.

As of tonight, I have instituted and immediately implemented a new personal rule of duty travel restaurant dining: if fresh lobster is available on the menu, order it.  When traveling for work – so-called “duty travel” – we all deserve lobster.

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