10.289 Bacon-Scallop Rolls


21 (Mon) October 2019

Bacon-Scallop Rolls


at the Ministry of Health

-Thorndon, Wellington, New Zealand-

with meeting participants

Mission to New Zealand, Day 3.

In Wellington.  In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and National Ethics Advisory Committee, I’ll be coordinating the proceedings of the Second Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting for National Ethics/Bioethics Committees, Tuesday to Wednesday.  I coordinated the first AP-NEC meeting two years ago in Seoul (see 8.292 Grilled Lamb).


Spent the day on final prep for the meeting, which opens tomorrow.


Lunch with WHO colleagues at Seoul House, a Korean restaurant located a few blocks from the hotel.

NZD 20 = about USD 12.75

The bibimbap was fine.


And so, Wellington becomes the 34th city outside of Korea where I’ve had Korean food in a restaurant.

  1. USA: 01.01 Silicon Valley (San Jose, Santa Clara, etc.) CA; 01.02 New York NY; 01.03 Boston MA; 01.04 Northern Virginia VA; 01.05 East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, etc.) CA; 01.06 Los Angeles CA (9.353 Chosun Galbee); 01.07 San Francisco CA; 01.08 San Diego CA; 01.12 Chicago IL; 01.13 Washington DC; 01.24 Guam (6.283 The Boss’s Beefy Birthday Bash); Las Vegas NV 01.30 (9.356 Longhorn Steak)
  2. THAILAND: 02.09 Bangkok; 02.10 Pattaya
  3. SWITZERLAND: 03.11 Geneva (8.048 Raclette)
  4. UNITED KINGDOM: 04.14 London
  5. CHINA: 05.15 Beijing
  6. CAMBODIA: 06.16 Phnom Penh (3.269 Fried Beef with Red Ants)
  7. LAO: 07.17 Vientiane (3.272 Pho Ga)
  8. PHILIPPINES: 08.18 Metro Manila (5.005 Ki for Ki); 08.20 Batangas (5.223 Galbi Tang and More) / 08.28 Subic (8.324 Ssam Bap); 08.29 Puerto Galera (8.365 Samgyeopsal)
  9. FIJI: 09.19 Suva (5.178 Bibimbab)
  10. PAPUA NEW GUINEA: 10.21 Port Moresby (5.276 Spicy Chicken Muchim)
  11. RUSSIA: 11.22 Moscow (5.286 Chili Mango Prawns…)
  12. AUSTRALIA: 12.23 Melbourne (5.342 Crocodile Meat…)
  13. MALAYSIA: 13.25 Kuala Lumpur (6.333 Jacked — Three Ways)
  14. JAPAN: 14.26 Wakoshi (7.266 Gu Ba); 14.27 Tokyo (8.202 Clam and Spicy Soft Tofu Stew)
  15. MONGOLIA: 15.31 Ulaanbaatar (10.058 Tsuiwan)
  16. NEW ZEALAND: 16.32 Auckland (10.118 Awhi Farms Savannah Grass-Fed Beef Bone-In Sirloin); 16.33 Christchurch (10.288 Te Mana Frenched Lamb Rack); 16.34 Wellington (10.289 Bacon-Scallop Rolls)


Informal reception hosted by the Ministry of Health.


Out of respect for local customs, every meal and tea break throughout the proceedings will start with karakia mō te kai (blessing the food).



The food was excellent, if skimpy – in fairness to our gracious hosts, the spread was only meant to comprise light refreshments.


Afterwards, CY and I went into town for a proper meal.  We were disappointed to learn that establishments in Wellington, even in the bustling Cuba Street district, shut down for the night when business is slow, and that business on Mondays slows around 2100.  By the time we got there at 2130, most places were already cleaning up.

Mac & Cheese Bombs at Garden Hotel.

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