10.290 Fish with Salsa Verde


22 (Tue) October 2019

Fish with Salsa Verde


at Te Marae

(Te Papa Tongarewa)

-Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand-

with meeting participants

Mission to New Zealand, Day 4.

In Wellington.  In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and National Ethics Advisory Committee, I’ll be coordinating the proceedings of the Second Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting for National Ethics/Bioethics Committees, Tuesday to Wednesday.  I coordinated the first AP-NEC meeting two years ago in Seoul (see 8.292 Grilled Lamb).



The meeting is being held in a function room at Te Papa Tongarewa – Museum of New Zealand.

This year, the agenda seeks to enhance ethics frameworks to reduce health inequities in the context of climate change, emerging technologies, and indigenous populations.





For lunch, the food was amazingly tasty and dynamic and healthful.  Nevertheless, our colleagues from the Ministry of Health whispered that certain elements – e.g., red meat, cream – violated ministry standards.  Imagine their reaction if they could see what the World Health Organization serves at our functions (see 6.224 NCD Risk Factors).


Dinner was hosted by the Ministry of Health at the museum in Te Marae Hall.

In the Maori language, “te marae” refers to the open space in front of a village’s meeting house where welcome ceremonies are conducted.

Preceding dinner, we were treated to a cultural performance by a Maori singing group.

I’m getting a sense that such displays are not just for show to entertain the tourists but out of a genuine respect for the indigenous culture.


The food was good.

AP-NEC2 comprises 36 delegates representing 22 countries from the Western Pacific and South East Asia.

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