10.300 Gourmet Canapes


1 (Fri) November 2019

Gourmet Canapes


at The Lounge

(Burj Khalifa)

-Dubai, United Arab Emirates-

with the Boys

Family Holiday Fall 2019 in UAE, Day 6.

In Dubai, again.  We’re spending the boys’ fall break in the United Arab Emirates, both Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is a hotel.  More of an inclusive resort, like something in Las Vegas.  Our 4th and final hotel of the trip.

Screenshot 2019-11-11 21.59.39

The Palm Jumeirah is an island of reclaimed land in the shape of a palm.  Condos on the inner “fronds,” hotels on the outer “crescents.” Despite what the map might suggest, the Palm is enormous – the distance from stem, where it attaches to the mainland by a bridge, to the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray is over 11.5 km and took nearly 20 minutes to drive.  In fact, the island is so big that it doesn’t actually look like anything special from the ground.


Guests of the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray get one free admission to Wild Wadi Waterpark – yay!

The Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s first iconic building, looms in the near background.


Since 2009, Burj Khalifa has been the tallest building in the world at 829.8 meters.

The 154th floor is little more than a very small reception area.

The building is home to The Lounge, the world’s highest lounge at 585.36 meters.

I wonder how they measured it to 36 centimeters.

For the price of AED 608 (about USD 165) per person – or AED 1,824 for three (about USD 495) (W opted to spend what would’ve been her portion on a spa treatment at the hotel) – the 3 Hahms enjoyed the ludicrous “Top of the World” experience.  The package included (a) a 5-minute lecture – the hallway leading to the elevator is adorned with photos, which the tour guide explains as everyone walks past; (b) a 1-minute elevator ride – seriously, we timed it; (c) a free drink and a plate of crappy nibbles – the website refers to them as “gourmet canapes;” and (d) free time hanging out at the top – more opportunity to buy overpriced drinks.

Even though the highest publicly accessible point is 585 meters, an additional 244 meters (another 40%) remains to the top.
The 153rd floor offers an open-air observation lounge – scary.
More leg room on the 152nd floor.
For about 25% of the price that we’d paid, visitors can tour the lounge on the 124th floor, which is still extraordinarily high, and yet still an astounding 30 floors shy of the top – we had tried to do this earlier in the week, but gave up after an hour of waiting in line (more like 10 minutes) and getting nowhere (more like 2 meters) – hence, I knew that we’d have to shell out to bypass the crowds.

Anyway, GMTD can now boast a post at the highest human-constructed point on earth.

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