10.358 Cream Cheese Ddeokbokki


29 (Sun) December 2019

Cream Cheese Ddeokbokki


at Great Pygmy Pool

(Wangsimni Station)

-Wangsimni, Seongdong, Seoul, Korea-

with W and IZ, YW and her kids

2020 Winter Holiday in Korea, Day 6.

Great Pygmy Pool is a kids cafe. Packed upon arrival (3pm), it was empty by the time we left (6pm).  


We arranged a playdate for IZ and his old pal JW, whose mom YW is my old pal (see generally 6.250 Guksi), though now closer to W, who denies that she used be jealous of her.


The Cream Cheese Ddeokbokki – not made with cream cheese, but presumably meant to be creamy and cheesy – was actually watery and bland, but innocuous enough for little kids who’d rather be running around.

2 thoughts on “10.358 Cream Cheese Ddeokbokki

  1. Cream cheese with tteokbokki?? Now there’s an idea I’ll need to try…I love the texture of rice cakes but I’m extremely spice-adverse, so this could be an interesting alternative.

    1. NO NO NO! Please read carefully: these do not contain cream cheese – that would be weird – just cream, and maybe parmesan cheese. If you’re interested in pursuing this, just make it like a cream pasta.

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