11.131 Tortured Eggs


15 (Fri) May 2020

Tortured Eggs


by W

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

With all my culinary knowledge and skills, I couldn’t even begin to imagine how to mangle fried eggs like W does so well – somehow raw and burnt, dry and greasy, simultaneously.    Her defense: “I just did what you told me to do!!”


The main dish was W’s gochujang jjigae, which is getting to be quite excellent, the one dish that she can pull off with confidence.  I’ll do a proper post on it someday.


While she was preparing the stew, I asked her to make fried eggs as a side dish/topping.  (I was busy finishing up a document for work that I wanted to submit before the weekend.). Her: “You know I can’t fry eggs” (see 8.037 Mangled This, Burned That).  What I told her to do: “Add enough oil to cover the entire surface of the pan, heat on high until the oil begins to shimmer, crack in the eggs gently, shake them to ensure they don’t stick, wait until the edges begin to brown, flip them over, turn off the heat, transfer to a plate.”


Ultimately, the mangling didn’t matter.  Mixed in with the meat, the dubu, the soup and everything else, all over rice, the eggs provided a nice additional weirdly creamy and crispy texture to the dish.


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