11.132 Quarter Pounder with Cheese + Cheeseburger


16 (Sat) May 2020

Quarter Pounder with Cheese + Cheeseburger


from McDonald’s

at home

-Dasmariñas Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines-

with the Family

Enhanced Community Quarantine, Day 60 / Repax Day -18.

Metro Manila has now been under lockdown for 60 days.

The boys, who were previously quarantined by their school for 2 weeks (due to exposure to a visitor from Korea), went back for a couple days and enjoyed a free weekend, only to be grounded again when all classes were preemptively suspended a week before the national lockdown, then the ECQ, have now been stuck at home for 78 of the past 82 days.  Generally, they seem to be doing well, having a large house and swimming pool helped immensely both physically and psychologically – all that rent is paying off.  With both parents failing terribly to provide adequate structured support for distance learning, their education for this semester has crumbled to ruins.  They’re more dependent than ever on screens, and honestly we don’t resist all that much, anything to preserve peace and quiet, even while recognizing that the screens are turning their brains to mush.

W, who’s been happily working from home for the past 4 years, doesn’t seem to mind all that much, except that she has to deal with the boys all day and can’t go shopping in the afternoon.  

For me, through the miracle of COVID-19, I’ve begun to miss the office (see 11.116 Tangsu Yuk).

The New Normal: replating McDonald’s to minimize the risk of exposure from packaging; I sprayed the ketchup and nugget sauces with disinfectant; also zapped everything in the microwave for a couple minutes to kill anything in the food itself.

I read somewhere that the one food that inmates in American prisons miss most is McDonald’s – or was that something from an episode of Orange Is the New Black?

Indeed, the Quarter Pounder with Cheese never tasted so good.


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