11.175 Ggot Kimchi Jjim


28 (Sun) June 2020

Ggot Kimchi Jjim


at Hamjji wa Baejji

-Seongsu, Seongdong, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family, MtG and his son, KIT and his family, CJH

Hamjji wa Baejji is a Korean restaurant.  Specializes in budae jjigae.  The name of the restaurant is a portmanteau of “ham jjigae” and “bae(bacon) jjigae.”  Founded and operated by my friend KIT, alongside his The Kimchi Jjigae empire.

This is 1.6 km from my new place of employment, where I’ll start workin in a couple months.
The sign reads: “Let’s defeat COVID-19 together. Lunch discount event …”

It was the first occasion for us to eat out with non-family members this year. Seemed appropriate to do so at KIT’s new place, closed on Sundays, opened just for us, which made the occasion feel a bit homier.

The restaurant smokes their own bacon.
Even for seasoned campers, this is a step above.

Ggot kimchi ijjim is a Korean dish, sort of invented by KIT.  Consists of braised kimchi and bacon, topped by slices of pork belly arranged in overlapping layers like the petals of a flower (ggot).  Sautéed at the table.

The initial presentation.
After a few minutes over heat, the pork belly slices were moved aside to reveal the bubbling braised kimchi and bacon underneath.
The addition of freshly cracked black pepper likely made very little difference to an already potently seasoned dish, but KIT has a flair for the dramatic, as everything about this dish would suggest.
Aromatics, including perilla leaves and scallions were added.
Garlic with sesame oil were also added.

It was awesome.  The kimchi, from KIT’s kimchi jjigae business (see generally 7.301 The Kimchi), paired perfectly with the pork belly and smoky bacon (also pork belly).  The aromatics were critical in providing a fresh and light counterpoint to the otherwise intense and heavy components.  The most delightfully surprising dish that I’ve had in recent memory.

The leftover bits are used to make fried rice.
The fried rice is topped with a fried egg.


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