11.231 Bulgogi


23 (Sun) August 2020



at Yehyangjeong (Garden 5 – Techno Building)

-Munjeong, Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea-

with the Family

Yehyangjeong (예향정) is a Korean restaurant chain.  Currently 50 locations across the country, including 1 in Garden 5.  Specializes in traditional meat dishes, such as bulgogi, along with stews, such as kimchi jjigae.

After spending the afternoon exploring the outlet shops in Techno Building, we decided to grab dinner before going home – Yehyangjeong seemed as good as any.

Garden 5 is a commercial complex in southeast Seoul, at the western edge of Wirye; on the top floor, the Techno Building hosts a handful of restaurants, including Yehyangjeong.

The food was solid hit and wide miss.  The bulgogi was sweet and saucy, just how the kids like it, ideal for mixing into a bowl of hot steaming rice.   The kimchi jjigae was plain weird, with odd flavors that I couldn’t place, as if made with foreign spices and seasonings.  The steamed rice was fine, though not categorically different, as per the hype.  Anyway, we left satisfied.

This kind of made-to-order rice seems to be a popular food gimmick these days (see also 11.173 Samgyeopsal); what I don’t get is that there are 24 rice cookers but only 15 tables.

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