11.243 Steamed Lobster


4 (Fri) September 2020

Steamed Lobster


from Hunil Susan (Garak Market)

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Family, the In-Laws

Sort of combination housewarming for the In-Laws + early birthday for MIL.

They ate these.

In light of the dual special occasion – any visit from the In-Laws is a special occasion, right? – W splurged on seafood.  With the assistance of the app Baedal eui Minjok (Delivery Nation), she found a restaurant called Hunil Susan in Garak Market that steams live crabs and lobsters and packages them for delivery.  Two crabs (1.1 kg x 2) for 76,000 won + 1 lobster (2.3 kg) and shrimp and clams for 123,000 won + abalone sashimi for 10,000 won + delivery charge of 6,000 won = 215,000 won.  Arriving in styrofoam boxes, the food was still piping hot.  The crabs were sweet and juicy.  The lobster, being so large, was a bit tough but still good.   Great deal overall (even if I ate all the lobster by myself, and everyone else shared the rest).

I ate this.

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(For more details re venues, see WHERE IN KOREA)

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