11.255 Nouilles et Fromage en Casserole


16 (Wed) September 2020

Nouilles et Fromage en Casserole


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with DJ and IZ

Newbery 100 Medals 100 Meals (2)

Endeavoring to read the 99 books that have been awarded the annual Newbery Medal since 1922 – leading up to the 100th winner to be announced next year – I will also attempt to create one dish for every book, a dish that is directly referenced in or indirectly inspired by the events of the book.  Food plays a strong role in many of the stories; not surprising as the characters in most of the books are faced with adversity of some sort, including poverty, so they’re often very hungry and thus grateful whenever they get a bite to eat – as we all should be at every meal, literally give us this day our daily bread.  The dishes will be featured as posts on Give Me This Day.

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From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler (1968) by EL Konigsburg.  The book is about siblings Claudia and Jamie, who run away from home – in protest of being underappreciated – and hide out in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.   Facing adversities entirely of their own making, they’re hungry because of limited funds – Claudia’s allowance savings ($4.18) and Jamie’s ill-gotten gambling earnings ($24.43) – which they try to stretch by eating from vending machines.  While attempting to prove the provenance of a newly acquired sculpture in the museum – could it be a lost masterpiece by Michelangelo? – their investigation leads them to the home of the sculpture’s former owner, Mrs Basil E Frankweiler – the book is a first-person narrative by Mrs Frankweiler, who tells the entire story in a note to her lawyer.  I loved this book: so clever in the premise, the plot points, the dialogue, as well as the overall writing and the best title of the 99 books.

[paraphrased in part]

“Can we start eating now?” Jamie asked.

“You don’t worry about manners too much do you?”

“Oh,” he replied, “I don’t worry about them too much when I’m this hungry.”

I summoned Parks; he appeared bearing a silver casserole.

“What’s that?” Jamie asked.

“Nouilles et Fromage en Casserole,” Parks answered.

Claudia showed interest.  “I’ll have some, please.  Sounds like something special.”

Parks served.  Claudia looked down at her plate, looked up at me and moaned, “Why, it’s nothing but macaroni and cheese.”

“You see,” I laughed, “under the fancy trappings, I’m just a plain lady.”

Claudia laughed then.  We all did, and we began enjoying our lunch.

I had just enough random cheeses – cheddar, American, gouda, provolone – to make 2 cups, plus parmesan for the bread crumb topping.

The mac and cheese was good.  I used the recipe from Cycle 4 (see 4.182 Cheddar-Muenster Mac), which still works.

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