11.265 French Fries and a Strawberry Shake


26 (Sat) September 2020

French Fries and a Strawberry Shake


by me

at home

-Changgok, Sujeong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi, Republic of Korea-

with the Kids

Newbery 100 Medals, 100 Meals (5) (see 100 NEWBERY M&Ms)

While reading the 99 books that have been awarded the annual Newbery Medal since 1922 – leading up to the 100th winner to be announced next year – I will also attempt to create one dish for every book, a dish that is directly referenced in or indirectly inspired by the events of the book.  Food plays a strong role in many of the stories; not surprising as the characters in most of the books are faced with adversity of some sort, including poverty, so they’re often very hungry and thus grateful whenever they get a bite to eat – as we all should be at every meal, give us this day our daily bread.  The dishes will be featured as posts on Give Me This Day.

We always have fries and strawberries (for smoothies) in the freezer.

The One and Only Ivan (2013) by Katherine Applegate.  The book is about Ivan, a gorilla kept by owner/master Mack in a small zoo/circus at a shopping mall; narrated by Ivan, who reminisces on his past (growing up with his family in the jungle), philosophizes about his present situation and current interests (art), and plans for his future, and the future of his friends (other animals in the zoo/circus).

[paraphrased in part]

Every weekend, Mack took me in his convertible to a fast-food restaurant, where he ordered me French fries and a strawberry shake.  Mack loved to see the expression on the cashier’s face when he drove up and said, “Could I have some extra ketchup for my kid?” 

I loved this book, written in a deceptively simple style to reflect a gorilla’s slow and deliberate manner, which belies a profoundly deep existential exploration of life and liberty.

For “extra” ketchup, I added a dollop of Thai chili sauce.

When the boys sat down, they looked at the fries and the shake, looked at each other, looked at me.

IZ: “What … is this?” 

Me: “Dinner.” 

DJ: “You’re feeding us eating fries and shakes for dinner?” 

Me: “Isn’t that the dream, to eat fries and a shake for dinner?” 

IZ: “This is a snack, Dad, not actual dinner food.” 

Me: “It’s inspired by The One and Only Ivan.” 

DJ: “So, we’re monkeys now?”

Me: “Ivan is a gorilla, not a monkey.”  

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